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This part of Melgrosh illustrates the great wealth of empirical data that are now available to characterize the nature of repression in the USSR in the 1920s-1950s. It contains data not just on the level and incidence of civil repression, but also detailed data on the different types of extra-judicial repression carried out by the security agencies. Recent materials released from the website of the FSB (the Russian Security service) enable us to understand more fully the limited nature of the previously available summary data on political repression in the Soviet Union. The current website covers detailed data on all aspects of Soviet repression. It provides a detailed breakdown of annual data on a) civil repression, b) the different types of political repression, c) the repressed population in the labour camps and exile zone.

For earlier attempts to try to get an overall picture of Soviet repression and see it in perspective see the selected articles on the Repression home page.