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Data on the scale, chronology and type of Extraordinary Political Repression

There was no central statistical department of the Security organs, most departments kept their own operational records, but in 1921 a large number of operational investigative departments were put under the central control of the Secret Operational Department (SOU) of VChK with Menzhinskii in charge and Yagoda as his deputy. SOU formed its own central statistical Department under a close colleague of Yagoda's and this department became de facto the central statistical department for the investigative organs in the State Security body. Statistics on those mass operations in which the victims were not individually investigated were not included in the central statistics of this central statistical body and its successors (for administrative history see ) Statistics on prisoners held in Gulag (forced labour camps - ITL, Labour Colonies - ITK, or special exile zones - spets pereselenstev (for admin history see...) were also not collected by this central statistical agencies but by the statistical department in GULAG - see below)

The different data sets available:

Mass repression without recording by investigative organs

Repression recorded by investigative organs

Prisoners in Gulag (ITL and ITK) and special exile zone