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This part of Melgrosh contains an indication of the wealth of empirical data that are now available to characterize
the working of the complex Soviet political system. It contains biographical data and photographs of the major officials.
It contains the names of the major political bodies (both party and state) their administrative history and the main officials
who held positions within them. It also lists the attendance at these institutions and bodies which often included a much larger
group of officials than those who were listed as the formal members. Another section lists all the individuals who attended
meetings with Stalin in his office from 1929-53. The times and duration of these meetings are all listed. All of the above sections
of the data base are inter-linked so that individuals identified can be traced in different areas. The data base also contains
a listing of all the politburo protocols by item from 1919-1953 and by resolution of item from 1929-39. It also lists all
SNK and STO decrees of the 1930-39 period both secret and unpublished. All of these materials are searchable electronically,
and all are available in English translation as well as in the original Russian. We have issued a warning concerning the
translations which, because of their bulk have been carried out electronically. Readers should treat them with care and check against
the Russian originals.

Another section on party membership statistics during the purges will be added soon.

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